Hold a Wedding on a Budget by Saving on Bridal Jewelry Part 1

If you’re planning a wedding on a budget, it is important to draft a detailed list to be clear on what you are spending on. A good planner would get the most competitive prices, and also manage to make this once in a lifetime ceremony memorable. You can be very creative with your wedding budgets. Besides saving on the venue, food, decorations, photographer, etc… you can also save on bridal jewelry as well.

Wedding on a budget

You can save on bridal jewelry by looking for those that looks the same but using cheaper materials. For example, if you don’t have sensitive skin, a gold plated necklace chain would cost lower than a gold filled necklace. There is always an alternative if you look for it.

Budget Wedding Bracelet

In my budget bridal jewelry series this week, I’ve made six crystal bracelets together in a pack.

These wedding, bridal or bridesmaid bracelets are made of normal crystal beads with silver plated parts, perfect for those on a budget. To give a clearer comparison:

  • If cheap: Normal crystal beads with silver plated parts (will tarnish over time)
  • If expensive: Swarovski crystal beads with s925 silver parts (takes longer but still will oxidise and tarnish over time)

There is not much difference between them, and if you’re not too picky, the cheaper option would be great for budget wedding.

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