That Girl and Her Passion

When every single one of your friends succeed before you and you’re still waddling through the waters looking for shells. And shells aren’t worth anything, they say.


The name is Jo.

(Tbh, I’ve re-written this page a hundred times as it’s tough to decide on what to say without turning this into a lengthy post. Everything in my memory seems to be a part of this brand.)

Ever since my dad gave me my first IBM computer, I’ve been fascinated with graphic design and self-learned every bit of my design skills up to today. Besides digital, I also had a keen interest in Art & Crafts, learning as much as I could from teachers at school. To put it simply, I love art. Be it designing or just hand making digitally, it makes me happy. I like to follow tutorials and experiment on different kind of mediums and techniques in a whole wide range from paper to jewelry to resin to simple sewing and etc…

Something that I have not explored so far but had the urge to… was to start a small Etsy shop. But I was never ready. One day this year, I decided it was time to bite the bullet and take the first step at e-commerce. Oh! Dear Life was officially born (even though I bought the domain name way earlier) as a small brand in an attempt at setting up a handmade business and blogging about my craft journey. I’m extremely grateful for the accumulated knowledge to create and maintain this website from scratch all by myself; the design, coding, photography skills did not go to waste all these years.

ODL will reflect my love to explore creativity and craft beautiful things. For people. Not for myself, but you.

This blog is intended for people who shares a passion in handmade crafts, or beginners in this area seeking to learn a thing or two together with me in a my journey, e.g. business, crafts, tips & tutorials, inspirations, and photography. If you’ve the urge to start something creative and the one thing you need to hear from someone else is encouragement, you’re in the right place.


I love to explore creativity and craft beautiful things. For people. Not for myself, but you.

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