Hold a Wedding on a Budget by Saving on Bridal Jewelry Part 1

If you’re planning a wedding on a budget, it is important to draft a detailed list to be clear on what you are spending on. A good planner would get the most competitive prices, and also manage to make this once in a lifetime ceremony memorable. You can be very creative with your wedding budgets. Besides saving on the venue, food, decorations, photographer, etc… you can also save on bridal jewelry as well.

Wedding on a budget

You can save on bridal jewelry by looking for those that looks the same but using cheaper materials. For example, if you don’t have sensitive skin, a gold plated necklace chain would cost lower than a gold filled necklace. There is always an alternative if you look for it.

Budget Wedding Bracelet

In my budget bridal jewelry series this week, I’ve made six crystal bracelets together in a pack.

These wedding, bridal or bridesmaid bracelets are made of normal crystal beads with silver plated parts, perfect for those on a budget. To give a clearer comparison:

  • If cheap: Normal crystal beads with silver plated parts (will tarnish over time)
  • If expensive: Swarovski crystal beads with s925 silver parts (takes longer but still will oxidise and tarnish over time)

There is not much difference between them, and if you’re not too picky, the cheaper option would be great for budget wedding.

Opening my first Etsy store

Opening my first Etsy store

I had some free time yesterday to ponder about Etsy, so I took out my bracelets and went through them, weighing on which ones were good and which ones were not.

I sat down thinking about my audience online and also thinking about my audience at flea markets, thinking about how I could market to them better. Both audiences, by the way, are predictably different. You might think that this is strange… why do I choose to target different audiences on different platforms? Well, I might elaborate more on target audience in the future, but not for now. Lets just put it this way, depending on the culture and demographics, there’re several factors that people have to consider first before buying your product.

So yesterday I opened my first Etsy shop, Oh! Dear Life. I created a FB page for it as well: Ohdearlife Handmade. I used to have one several years back when I first discovered Etsy and totally loved their interface, but I stepped in just ‘cos I wanted to and didn’t commit anything. But it’s going to be different now. I have found my niche – jewelry! Bracelets first, then perhaps rings and necklaces.

I’ve also gained some experience over the years, so I actually did everything by myself, from branding to this website, and next SEO content and social media. The logo took some time though, it took me two weeks to decide I wanted to go with a cute bunny holding a gemstone. Every part of me wanted to go for elegance – an elegant text logo like most luxurious jewelry brands have. My Pinterest board had tons of that for inspiration. In the end, I settled on the words “minimal, cute, soft, young” – something that was different and could grab attention (at least!).

If anyone is interested, I designed the logo in Affinity Designer, and this software is a rising star for vectors. It makes me happy when I tell people that I designed the logo by myself, haha! One tiny satisfaction goes a long way!

Crafting for Passion and Love

Crafting for passion and love

It’s March, and I’ve been freelancing since my last contract job. It has been so wonderful, working for passion and doing things that I love. I was very lucky to meet an amazing studio photographer who taught me how to edit and retouch newborn, family, corporate headshots and stock fitness photos. It was extremely tiring for a super workaholic who loves to multitask, but so satisfying!

I’m extremely grateful and thankful to the people who supported me during this period. But in the place where I am it is highly advisable to commit to a full time job. Therefore, it’s time for me to settle my heart and head back to reality. I’ll continue freelancing though, but just not as a frequent, perhaps some odd jobs here and there.

So, ’nuff of the boring stuff.

Using the valuable experience that I’ve picked up, I’ve re-branded my shop – Oh! Dear Life, with that exclamation mark and cute logo, designed by … *drumroll* myself!

Life is full of tiny bits of precious random things.

Living is plain amazing. We all have our troubles, frustrations, sadness, hope, love, and so so so many more it’s impossible to list them all down. That said, this dear life is too short to even be bothered with the unhappy or neutral aspects. Think of the happy moments!

I put a lot of thoughts into designing this logo. I camped on Pinterest to research on the logos behind other brands and the meaning to them. In the end, I came up with something that when I look at it, I feel happy, inspired, and mysterious. Most importantly, it makes me go aww.

Stay happy and sigh if you want to. Life is too short to miss anything. Choose wisely. Go with your passion!

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